Counselling for adults, couples, and adolescents

Reina Zatylny MSW, RSW
Individual & Couple Therapist

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Reina works with adults, couples, and adolescents to deal with the following issues.

Relationship problems

In any relationship, there are three personas: you (one partner), me (the other partner), and we (the couple). In a healthy relationship, all the personas need to be strong and well-defined, but sometimes they aren’t. Problems can arise in the daily challenges of life, and the couple can get lost as the partners tend to their own individual needs. Counselling can help to build a stronger couple, and a more unified and peaceful relationship.

Trauma and PTSD

Unresolved traumas and distressing experiences can be overwhelming. They can affect our ability to sleep, distort our thinking and emotions, and keep us living in a virtual loop of fear and sadness. Reina practices a variety of therapies designed to treat the symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and equine-assisted psychotherapy. EMDR is an internationally recognized psychotherapy that helps to diminish traumatic memories by reprocessing them so that they are no longer psychologically disruptive. Equine-assisted psychotherapy is a humanistic way to help people diminish their trauma without having to talk about their experiences. Horses are used as metaphors for helping people to work through their emotional difficulties.


Reina experienced infertility in her life, and she understands the wide range of feelings that people face when they are having difficulty conceiving their child or are experiencing pregnancy loss. The counselling that Reina provides can help support couples during this difficult time. Reina also conducts counselling sessions with egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates.

Anger management and domestic abuse

Reina provides specialized counselling and educational services to people who have assaulted their partners. She focuses on helping people to examine their beliefs and attitudes towards domestic abuse, to improve their communication skills, and to learn non-abusive ways of resolving conflict. Reina works directly with criminal and family lawyers whose clients require anger management counselling.

Eating disorders

Reina helps to support and provide coping strategies for adolescents and adults who are affected by eating disorders. During counselling, Reina looks at ways to improve self-esteem, to take control of life when life seems to be out of control, and for strategies that her clients can use to nurture themselves and cope with difficult feelings such as isolation and anxiety. Reina also provides support to the families and friends of individuals with eating disorders.

Terminal illnesses, grief, and bereavement

Having worked with Hospice Toronto and the VON-Hospice Scarborough, Reina understands the complexity of feelings and thoughts that individuals and families experience when facing a life-threatening illness or death. Reina provides a warm and empathetic approach as well as practical skills to help empower individuals to work through their concerns during this difficult time.


Reina conducts assessments for lawyers and insurance companies to determine the emotional distress to people who have experienced motor vehicle accidents. The assessments are used to determine the treatments that Reina provides to accident victims.

Alternative dispute resolution and mediation

Reina provides an impartial approach when assisting individuals, couples, and families to resolve their differences, and when mediating a mutual agreement to their conflict without having to go to court. She works with couples and their family lawyers to negotiate separation and divorce agreements. Reina also assists couples in resolving custody and access issues, and she helps counsel children as they adjust to changes within the family.




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